Administrators & Social Media

When I read Knox’s (2016) article I was terribly confused. And to be quite honest I still am. Too many complex words. I feel like there was too many complex and vague concepts being used, which were out of my grasp, to be quite honest. However, I still want to contribute to the conversation, so […]

After reading Wood et al.’s article on celebrity political leadership (2016), I have reflected deeply upon my own perspective as a voter, realising that I have also fallen for these marketing campaigns. I don’t know how to feel about it. Should I feel treated as a ‘sheeple’ who follows a leader who is only pretending […]

Democracy & Online Activism

Social movements have always happened. Societies will always have certain groups of people with common interests or goals organising themselves to communicate their message. They do this to raise awareness on the issue that concerns them. Traditionally these social movements would become relevant because of news articles, word of mouth or people physically going out […]

Online inequality

As a young, straight, educated, healthy, middle-class (if that is still a thing), white male I’ve always found it hard to speak about inequalities. Traditional inequalities such as sexism or income-gap I have researched many times as part of my studies in the social science field. As a first assignment in a new course I’m […]